Edmund Burke School Jazz Ensemble


At Edmund Burke School, students don't follow one predetermined route to their future. We focus on equipping young people with the tools they need to identify and chart their own paths to success -- not only in school, but in life. It's an approach that enables students to become skilled, achieve excellence, develop integrity and purpose, and move from dependence to autonomy to interdependence. As one student says, "There are no limits to what you can learn here." This unique combination of rigor, freedom, and purpose makes Burke a vital, safe, and energized community.

Music is central to Burke’s lively community. All students actively participate in music, regardless of skill level. Our well-equipped band room offers access to a variety of instruments. We partner with nearby performing arts centers, including the Levine School of Music. In the classroom, students analyze the history and styles of music. This combination of course work and hands-on participation helps instill an appreciation of music in each student.

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